Can you think of a knife company that doesn't boast of using the finest materials, the latest manufacturing techniques, and state-of-the art machinery while paying attention to every detail? Of course, TRM can make those same claims, but we think there's much more to it.

Three Rivers Mfg. believes that buying a folding knife or fixed blade is a very personal decision. We want our knives to feel comfortable in your hand and become your everyday companion (EDC), going with you everywhere. Besides comfort, your knife needs to offer convenience. It must be reliable and light enough that you hardly notice you're carrying it.

At TRM we make the intended use of our knives and tools a top priority. Everything from blade steel, handle materials and hardware, become an integral part of our designs. Functionality is also extremely important to TRM. We are obsessed with perfection, down to every last detail. For example, our folding knives all have a titanium pocket clip with just the right tension to keep your knife in place, without shredding your clothing in the process.

TRM knives are manufactured 100% in the USA. TRM uses designs from Les Halpern and his in-house engineering/design team, as well as designs selected by TRM from well-respected custom knife-makers from around the world.

Les Halpern, owner of Halpern Titanium, has been in the trenches for more than 20 years, working closely with some of the leading names in the knife industry to help usher in a new era of knife-making. Halpern has been at the front of the line, leading the way using the finest materials, innovative designs and precision  machining techniques. Knives have evolved into a product that resembles functional art more than just a simple hand tool.  Halpern's methodical approach and meticulous attention to every detail in all TRM products is undeniable.

All of us at TRM  understand what knife enthusiasts expect from their knife and we try our best to deliver. You can contact customer service through email  or telephone (413) 283-6670.

TRM offers direct sales through our website or our dealers BladeHQ and Heinnie Haynes.

Our products have been so well-received, you may sometimes experience out of stock products. We are working hard to increase the availability of all our products and we appreciate your support. 

You can always contact our customer service department by email or phone 413-283-6670.  TRM offers monthly Customer Appreciation drawings. Details for entry can be found on your bookmark included in each shipment.  

We Support Top Floor Learning

Top Floor Learning

Marianne and Les Halpern, co-owners of Three Rivers Mfg, are lifetime advocates for literacy.

Top Floor Learning is a non-profit organization located in Palmer, MA that relies almost entirely on local and private funding to deliver top-notch adult education services. Adults from 24 towns in Central Massachusetts are offered 1:1 tutoring in reading, writing, math, professional licensing and high school equivalency prep, and even ESL . With a barebones budget, dozens of selfless volunteers and a high- energy director, many adults are able to lead more productive lives and advance in their jobs.

Marianne Halpern proudly serves on the Board of Directors of this Central Massachusetts gem.

TRM will donate a portion of each knife sold to support TFL’s goals.