Three Rivers Manufacturing Releasing Two Mid-Year Sequels


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Three Rivers Manufacturing is readying line expansions for two of its most popular models. The Neutron is the one-hand deploying, locking version of the Viator, and the Nomad slipjoint receives a sequel with the Atlas.


The Viator released at the beginning of the year, catering to users in need of a mid-size, high-performance slipjoint knife. But of course requests for a locking version came in. “Not all people are slipjoint fans, but everyone liked the way the Viator felt in hand and its slicey blade,” says Marianne Halpern, Co-Owner of TRM. So in drawing up this variation the company incorporated both a titanium thumbstud and a liner lock.

Otherwise the design is mostly the same, save for a few subtle alterations. “There are differences in the clip screw hole pattern and handle scales (to accommodate for the thumb ramp), so Neutron scales aren’t interchangeable with Viator scales,” Halpern explains. However, she notes the Neutron will have a slew of handle color options, just like the Viator. Users can even choose whether or not they want the atom pattern machined into the show side scale. The steel has been upgraded to CPM-20CV, and every drop point Neutron blade is hand sharpened by custom maker and TRM collaborator RJ Martin. “I think adding the thumb stud and lock will get this design a lot of new fans,” Halpern notes.

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The Nomad slipjoint was the original TRM flagship offering for several years. However, Halpern says the diminutive slipjoint is officially retiring to make room for its sequel, the Atlas. “The original Nomad had a good life and has a lot of fans, but this will be the new Nomad model going forward.”

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