RJ Martin Collaboration

RJ makes sure we get it right!

Have you missed out on the lottery for one of your favorite knifemaker's custom folders? Join the crowd.

RJ Martin, a full-time maker for almost 20 years, hasn't been able to keep up with the demand for his custom folders.

RJ Martin is next out of the gate from Halpern Titanium's Pro Shop. RJ visited Halpern last week to begin discussions for a Three Rivers Mfg/Martin collaboration. A limited production run of an RJ Martin design will be manufactured at Halpern

Measure, measure , measure

One of the few MA knifemakers, RJ will be a frequent visitor to the shop every step of the way. All the details of the new folder haven't been finalized, but we can tell you it will be a 3D machined titanium framelock. Flipper anyone? Anyone?

We'll keep you posted.

Last minute thoughts after a long day at work!