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RJ Martin Collaboration
Published: September 29
Have you missed out on the lottery for one of your favorite knifemaker’s custom folders? Join the crowd. RJ Martin, a full-time maker for almost 20 years, hasn’t been able to keep …
Collaboration with Bob Terzuola on the new TR-BT1000
Published: September 23
Bob gives his approval to Les Halpern's final results of the new TRM-BT1000
New TRM-RJM2000-TI - RJ Martin Collaboration
Published: August 31
Introducing our TRM Collaboration with esteemed custom knifemaker RJ Martin. RJ hasn’t been able to keep up with his demand, so we teamed up with him for a limited production run…
Three Rivers Manufacturing Picks Up Speed with the Thunderbird
Published: February 10
The next knife to roll out of the shop at Three Rivers Manufacturing (TRM) will be a retro-styled framelock flipper called the Thunderbird.
TR-TLC200 Review
Published: February 16
A new and awesome little Slipjoint knife with great materials and broad legality.
Class Action Review
Published: February 16
A look at an offering from, and a little history on, this specialty USA knife shop.
Halpern Titanium Has a Sharp Focus on Continued Growth
Published: March 9
Marianne Halpern says the company used to be called Custom Knife Supply because … well, that’s what it did — that’s all it did.