TRM Turbo Charger Framelock WIP

TRM is excited to team up with world-renowned custom knifemaker, Greg Lightfoot, to manufacture his ever-popular Turbo Charger. “Like a sports car, the Turbo Charger has fast action and beautiful classic lines only found in nature,” declares Mr. Lightfoot. TRM hopes we have captured Greg’s classic design elements in our production folder. Notice that machined Turbo Charger pivot and the Shark’s Fin Flipper! The CPM 20CV steel blade is flat ground with a gentle recurve leading to the Sub Sonic Tip. Turbo Charger sports a machined titanium Gatorback Spacer and Gator Tail. The Pool Cue Alternate Ivory Scales are a perfect contrast to the black DLC coated titanium frame. Designed for hard use with a .160” blade stock and a fully surfaced frame, the Turbo Charger is heftier than some TRM models. The framelock flipper fits comfortably in your hand and is ready for action in the field. CPM 20CV powdered metal was chosen for its corrosion and wear resistance. It’s known for its great edge retention for performance when you need it.

This may be a production model, but TRM never skimps on material or machining details. The TC is no exception. 3D machined titanium frames and machined titanium clip (pocketed into frame), 17-4 lock insert, caged bearings and custom turned hardware are just a few features. Greg’s custom Turbo Chargers may be considered "grail knives" or "safe queens," but we hope you are prepared to make the TRM Turbo Charger one of your everyday carries.

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