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What is Three Rivers Mfg.’s Warranty?

Three Rivers Mfg., LLC products are guaranteed for their lifetime to be free of defects in material, construction and workmanship. Any product we determine to have defects will be repaired or replaced with a model of equal value at no charge. Our products are designed as cutting tools-misuse (including prying or pounding) or improper maintenance voids the warranty. SOME modifications or repairs made outside of Three Rivers Mfg, MAY void the warranty. TRM will determine if the modifications affected the functioning of the knife or any of its components.

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How do I return a product for repairs or warranty work?

Many problems can be solved with an email or phone call. Please call 413-283-6670 or email ticoon@threeriversmfg.com to see if we can help you.

Please send returns in an insured flat rate USPS box to:

Customer Service
Three Rivers Mfg.
PO Box 98
Three Rivers, MA 01080

Please include a detailed description of the problem and your name, address, daytime phone number.

We prefer returning our knives through the USPS so please be sure to provide us with an appropriate mailing address and an email address for shipping notification from USPS Click-N Ship.

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How should I care for my Three Rivers Mfg. knife?

To insure the safe operation of your knife, inspect any internal mechanisms for debris, lint or any obstructions.

Wash with a mild detergent in warm water as needed. Be sure to dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth and do not let the knife sit in the water.

Due to the high carbon steel content in the quality steels we use in our blades, they may corrode without proper care. Wipe a light coat of oil or silicone on the blade for protection.

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If any orders are delayed or lost in customs, we will issue a refund if a claim is approved.  
Domestic $15
International $35 

Three Rivers Mfg., LLC fixed blades and folders are intended and sold for legitimate sporting purposes only. The purchase, use and ownership of knives are subject to many local laws and regulations. It is the responsibility of the buyer to investigate and comply with all laws and regulations that apply in his region. The buyer is responsible for any claims resulting from a violation of any laws or regulations. Any use of our products for anything other than cutting is considered misuse and abuse. Three Rivers Mfg., LLC is not responsible for any injuries or damages caused by abuse and/or misuse. 

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